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Customers Today Expect a Seamless Sales Process Across Channels

The Digital F&I Guide includes tools and recommendations for digital and omnichannel sales transactions. Omnichannel experiences are those that can move easily between channels – from digital retail and chat, to phone, in-person and more.

Quick Start Guide
Assess Your Digital Readiness arrow_forward

The right software tools are essential to providing the smooth digital process customers expect.

Explore the Digital Purchase Path arrow_forward

Find solutions based on a customer's unique purchase path and their channel preferences.

Mature Digital Sales with Personalization arrow_forward

Identify customer types using the BEST framework, then personalize your sales technique to them.

The Customer Purchase Path

Step 2 Shopping & Test Drive arrow_forward

Think like a digital concierge to provide a seamless shopping experience across channels, taking advantage of the unique opportunity the test drive presents.

Step 3 Transition to F&I arrow_forward

Leverage sales staff and digital inputs to ensure a cohesive transition and unearth customer needs to be addressed during F&I sales.